It's all about you!

Right now, you spend hours each week calling your Suppliers, sending emails and faxes and worrying about your order status. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time on something more productive, like selling?

OrderTrax2 Small  Distributor DiagramWith OrderTrax2, you’ll now be able to request order status for all your orders with a click of your mouse. You will be astonished by the simple easy-to-use web based interface that puts you on the same page with each and every Supplier whether they are on OrderTrax2 or not. You now have that new staff member, without having to hire one.

(Click on the image to see a larger view of the process.)

e-Connect to All Customers. Gives you the ability to reach and connect to ALL your trading partners. It takes just a UPIC ID and an email address. And UPIC is free.

Any Firm Can Participate - OrderTrax2 is designed to meet the needs and budgets of every company. For the smallest - a web browser and internet connection is all that is needed to be able to use OrderTrax2.

Summary ScreenBoth Parties See the Same Information - OrderTrax2 connects you with any and all of your Suppliers regardless of order entry system. It enables both parties to view the same information and communicate directly about order transactions. (Click the image to view a full sized screen.)

Standardized Purchase Orders - OrderTrax2 will deliver standardized purchase orders to your Suppliers, large, small and in-between.

One Click Order Status - OrderTrax2 gives you the ability to quickly request order status update information from all of your Suppliers.

Send Artwork - In addition to order status updates, OrderTrax2 is your network for transferring artwork. There is no size limit to the art files you send. And, they are stored on-line with your orders for five years!

Product Safety Certificate – Your trading partner can attach a certificate to any order, saving it with your purchase order for five years!

Complete Shipping Information - You’ll be able to see your order’s shipping status and shipping tracking ID, letting you know when you’ll receive your customer’s order.

Complete Integration with QuickBooks – Downloadable QuickBooks Plug-in sends your orders to the OrderTrax2 network. Click here for more information.

And, OrderTrax2 archives all of your order data for your use, including all artwork, proofs, invoices and more, for five years.

OrderTrax2 is built on the TAG Software that powers the e•PSA trading network! By utilizing this platform, we are able to extend the same power of the e•PSA trading network … and open standards … that hundreds of industry leaders already rely upon every business day, to everyone.

Our software processed over 10 million transactions in 2008, more than $2.5 billion in Distributor purchase orders on the e•PSA trading network. Now, OrderTrax2 makes it easy for any firm to participate in this fast-growing trend that is revolutionizing our industry.

OrderTrax2 makes it easy for you to save money, and to better manage your business!