OrderTrax2 RemoteTM

To maximize the full potential of OrderTrax2, we offer OrderTrax2 Remote software. This product allows you to automate your ERP/order entry system with the OrderTrax2 network.

By directly connecting into the OrderTrax2 network, you get:

  • Automatic transmission of purchase orders to your Suppliers
  • Automatic receipt of order status updates and shipping notices
  • Invoices can be sent to your ERP system from your trading partners

This value-added service provides you with a fully-integrated solution that features:

  • Level 1 Security. Secures and encrypts all your order data communications between your facility and the OrderTrax2 data center. All data is also encrypted within the OrderTrax2 databases.
  • By using the OrderTrax2 Remote software, your customer service reps are able to use their time to drive revenue for your company, instead of returning multiple phone calls, emails and faxes.

Additional integration services maybe required for different applications. Please ask one of our sales representatives for more information.